DSS-D Series

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Diko Co. being always concentrated in absolute customer satisfaction presently continues its production of residential wall hung, industrial floor standing, special single serpentine thermo-boiler and boiler type of water heaters, solar boilers, marine type electrical water heaters with a wide selection of available capacities starting from 10 Liters up to 10.000 Liters.

DSS-D 32 (LC) Series Residental Type Electric Water Heater

- Vertical & Wall Mounted - 40 – 50 – 60 liter
- Thermometer with bi-metal contact
- (30 – 80)°C internal thermostat control
- 60°C factory default temperature setting
- 2 KW standard heater power
- 2 years product guarantee
- 10 years spare parts supply guarantee

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Meet the needs for fast and efficient hot water supply.

They are specially designed for durability in areas with high level of water hardness.

Also availiable with heat exchanger for connection with an auxiliary energy source.

DSS-40 series LC model water heaters are provided with a fix thermostat. User can follow the tank water temperature through the thermometer provided on tank. Factory default consumption water temperature setting is 60°C. Safety valve with check valve is a mechanical safety accessory which is provided in order to ensure protection against over pressure.

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